High Efficient layout
The structure of this exchanger offers to itself a bigger heat-exchanging surface that allows a better thermal efficiency.
In-Mold Decoration
Filter Cleaning Indicator 
“FC” display in indoor unit remind you to clean the lters after 200 hours of running time
Easy cleaning panel and PP filter
In order to keep both of us healthy, you should clean my panel and filter periodically. Please don’t worry, as my panel and filter can be easily detached.
Anti mildew running
My indoor fan will continue running for 30 seconds and dry the condensate in my indoor unit after you turn me off. This will keep me dry and prevent the mildew from growing
Multi-layer air purifying technology
Cold Plasma generator
Cold Plasma generator can break down into positive ions and negative ions, which, during its forming and assembling course, engenders discharge. The energy arise from the discharge could make the dust ionization oxidation, so you can obtain a comfortable and clean environment.
24h timer
You can set any minute in a day to turn me on or off.
Emergency operation
A convenient ON/OFF switch on the indoor unit allows you to start up the system even if you have misplaced the remote controller or the remote controller batteries are exhausted.
Self-diagnosis and auto protection function
Malfunction codes for the indoor unit are shown on the digital display panel for fast and easy maintenance.
Pressing this button, the display light on the front panel would be shut off.
I feel
My sub-feeling in remote controller informs me of your ambient temperature and then I am able to keep in the exact station you need.
Sleep function
In order to give you the best sleep, my sleep function automatically adjusts the room temperature and will stop me after 8 hours.
Wide-Angle Louvers
Smoothly curved Wide-Angle Louvers provide wide airflow coverage for effect. cooling/heating no matter where the indoor unit is placed.
Automatic Operation
This function automatically selects cooling or heating operation mode based on the room temperature at startup,cooling/heating no matter where the indoor unit is placed in a room.
Super Cooling
Press the “SUPER” button on the remote controller to immediately feel the cool air you desire

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