Hisense Multi Split Klimalar

Twin rotary DC inverter compressor
The design of the twin rotary inverter compressor reduces friction during operation for smoother rotation with less vibration, and it also prevents the leakage of refrigerant gas during compression. The result is a much quieter and more efficient operation for the air conditioner.
Electronic expansion valve
Inside the outdoor unit is inserted the electronic expansion valve, which has the function of regulating and optimizing the refrigerant quantity to all the working indoor units according to the needs at the moment.
Full process by DC drive
You can benefit from the High efficiency and energy saving.
  • Compressor: Twin rotary DC inverter compressor, Low noise and high efficiency.
  • Control Mode: Digital signal control-AC voltage- DC voltage-Adjust the rotary speed, high efficiency on electricity conversion.
  • Circuit Type: Brushless DC with sensor control, high precision on speed control, low running noise.
  • Fan motor Type: Digital converting circuit motor.
  • Flow Restriction Mode: Electronic expansion valve
Dual energy-saving
This function can be used for restricting the max current by control software, avoiding damage on. Ammeter and other electrical appliances in electro-peak.
Soft start kits
My starting current is very high. Some home appliance probably can not run perfectly when I start. A soft start kit solves the problem.
Easy cleaning panel and PP filter
In order to keep both of us healthy, you should clean my panel and filter periodically. Please don’t worry, as my panel and filter can be easily detached.
Anti mildew running
My indoor fan will continue running for 30 seconds and dry the condensate in my indoor unit after you turn me off. This will keep me dry and prevent the mildew from growing
Multi-layer air purifying technology
Wide-Angle Louvers
Smoothly curved Wide-Angle Louvers provide wide airflow coverage for effect. cooling/heating no matter where the indoor unit is placed.
Low noise operation
With excellent design, I am able to quietly cool you.
High power running
To run with strong power and make you feel comfortable quickly.
Anti-cold air function
I won’t blow cool air in the winter if I am not warm enough.
Low temperature heating
I am able to keep you warm even though the am- bient temperature is lower than -15℃.
Low voltage runing
I can start and work perfectly even though the voltage is very low.
Auto restart function
I will resume operation as soon as power is re- stored without manually resetting the controls.
Automatic Operation
This function automatically selects cooling or heating operation mode based on the room temperature at startup,cooling/heating no matter where the indoor unit is placed in a room.
Sleep function
In order to give you the best sleep, my sleep function automatically adjusts the room temperature and will stop me after 8 hours.

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